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Agriculture is one of the oldest crafts known to man. The knowledge mankind has accumulated on agriculture over the years is great, just like the advances in the fields of science, technology, cultivation techniques, production and more…

I N D R A’s ability to adopt agricultural solutions to the customer’s needs is the result of implementing the knowledge and technology accumulated in the world.INDRA and around the world in various climate conditions.

We specialize in all stages of the professional activity, from planning and engineering, production, integration and support of technical/technological systems to the development of methods and products that ensure the realization of effective and profitable results.

In addition, we understand that today’s agricultural craft is a combination of economics, production and marketing, and adoptation to the needs of the business sector.







A Paradigm shift in the climate behavior throughout our planet has envisaged the need for government and cultivator to adopt more professional and advacement cultivation technique.The same need of advancement has been felt all across india also.

We aim to hel-p farmers arcorss madhya pradesh to have access to the best techniques and practices involved in poly House construction and irrigation sysem in Madhya Pradesh Through which they can maximize their potential of cultivation.

We aim to help farmers across Madhya Pradesh have availability of thses facilities which will help them enhance quantity and quantity in farming



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I N D R A (Integrated Development Of Rural & Agriculture)

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